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 Zibo Hanker Industrial & Trading Co.Ltd is specialized in supplying various welding and cutting materials and accessories for the purpose of industrial use to buyers from all over the world. Since it
was established in 2004, Zibo Hanker has exported these products to many developed and developing countries and areas in American,Europe,Asia and etc. Our high quality products,

Welding EDM Abrasive
PANASONIC torches and parts
CO2 gas shielded welding wires
Electrode holders
Earth clamps
Tig torches and parts
PANASONIC torches and spare parts
Nozzles for MIG welding torch
TIG welding torch bodies
CHARMILLES EDM machines spare parts
EDM sinker machines
EDM brass wire
EDM filter
EDM resins
SEIBU EDM machine spare parts
MITSUBISHI EDM machine spare parts
CHMER EDM machines spare parts
Abrasive tools

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TIG welding torch,Tungsten electrodes,MIG welding torch,Plasma torch, EDM machines,EDM wires

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customer service

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